Thanks for the support listing the advert, good candidates received so far. Results have been very focused which works for us

S. Finney - Kellogs

Easy to use, relatively inexpensive, got a few good candidates, people with good experience to date. Thanks for the help so far

Excellent service that offers personal one to one, only able to get events related candidates which helps, I’d use them again!

Rich Berry - Freelance Event Consultants

Worked a treat, 2 job adverts put up and we filled the vacancy with a recent graduate who has proved to be a good hire.

Joe McKay - Hype Events

We managed to find a fantastic grad to help with event marketing and planning. Very quick and pretty straightforward for us.

S. Finney - Kellogs

We appreciated the advice with the advert wording and overhaul, info on salary details and how to target candidates, Excellent

Great service, job advert was put online quickly, great advice on tailoring my event advert, all in all very happy with the results.

I’ve used Event Jobs for a few recent AV job vacancies we’ve had. Managed to fill the roles within 8 weeks, thanks for the help!

Vic Hamilton - AV Events