6 Ways to Improve Your Event RFP

6 Ways to Improve Your Event RFP

In this ‘How to’ we detail our favourite ways to simplify and improve your event RFP (Request for Proposal)

Filling out your event RFP can be a rather tedious and unglamorous job. However, the RFPs are required 9 times out of 10 when it comes to your venue selection or simply choosing an event supplier. They help ensure the provider knows exactly what you’re after and that your quote is exactly as proscribed. But, with endless forms and often minute detail, how can you make the process easier on yourself?

  1. Convention Bureaus – Use the local or national convention bureau or government department who are setup to attract business events to the area. They aren’t sales people other than to bring you to the specific geographical area. They will give you advice on venues and can in some cases simply fill in the RFP for you.

  2. Hotel MICE Planners – If you’re working with a chain hotel then try and secure someone senior up the chain and ask them to compile a list of hotels in the area that meet your spec. If they can’t do that, then you can ask them to send out the RFP on your behalf to all the relevant people rather than simply chasing them all up individually.

  3. Detail and Templates – When it comes to the event RFP write it once and write it well. There’s no point filling countless forms if you can include all the detail in one go and send the same RFP to everyone. But, what should you do if they have a separate form? Well, there are RFP templates out there which cover pretty much all bases, you can simply fill one of these in and send that and let the venue/supplier work with that. If they refuse then chances are they’re someone you may not want to deal with for your event. Cvent, Lanyon, Etouches all have event RFPs online for free that you can use.

  4. History – Include your previous shows in the RFP, send brochures, websites, hotel room info, catering details for what you’ve done before to make It easier for them to understand the look and feel of your show.

  5. Budget – Now we like to think we’re all offered the same price, but, let’s be realistic we aren’t. The price varies considerably depending on date, relationship with the venue/supplier and also depending on how much you say your budget is. We recommend to steer clear of saying what your budget is in the early stages of negotiation. It may be that you can discuss this later down the line, instead look at their rack rates and decide whether it works for you.

  6. Location – If you’re contacting a big hotel chain and you send a request through to 5 different cities as you’re not sure where you want your event it’s less likely hey will take you as seriously or put as much effort in to your case. It’s better off if you decide in advance where you want or to at least narrow it down to a smaller area so that they can take your request more seriously.

We hope our tips help with the never ending job of fill out an event RFP.

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