BusyEvent Mobile Introduces Lead-Generating

BusyEvent Mobile Introduces First Lead-Generating Mobile Platform That Drives Profitability for Meetings and Events

Event app focuses on sales and marketing value by capturing detailed participant data and accessing untapped revenue sources for meeting organizers

SAINT LOUIS, Missouri – May 7, 2014 – Today BusyEvent Mobile announced the launch of its next-generation mobile event technology platform.  The comprehensive system delivers premium quality event apps pre-, during and post-event, while fostering increased interaction and attendee engagement.  The platform’s unique focus on sales and marketing value via the capture of reliable participant data points amplifies the shared goal to enhance sponsor and exhibitor value, and drive revenue for the event producer.

The most compelling feature of the BusyEvent platform, DataKeys, track the digital trail of more than 25 attendee interactions through the full life cycle of the event.  Those interactions, made across a range of timelines, devices and locations, are recorded in the DataKey.  The DataKey is then available for immediate download and purchase, directly from the app, by exhibitors, speakers and sponsors.  This automated, self-service model allows the organizer to derive a new revenue stream, with no additional investment in resources, paving the way for event profitability.

“Our team has spent a number of years producing events and we include mobile event apps as a part of our strategy,” said Keith Johnston, of PlannerWire.  “For our latest project, prospect interaction and attendee data was the critical reason why companies invested their money and resources exhibiting with our client.  BusyEvent was able to provide a best-in-class solution; a custom event app that was well received by our event stakeholders and attendees, coupled with the business intelligence that our sponsors and exhibitors were eager to get their hands on.  It’s a sleek, easy-to-manage solution that addresses the universal pain point of event ROI head on.”

The Leaderboard Gamification component of the BusyEvent platform uses game mechanics to incent competition, physical check-ins, booth visits, and attendee networking more than in a purely informational app.  These tracked interactions contribute to enhancing event intelligence and prompting purchases of DataKeys.

“Conferences and events have proven time and again to be target-rich environments where companies can effectively engage with customers and prospects,” said David Schenberg, co-founder of BusyEvent.  “We found that the valuable data points from attendees’ activities and session participation at live events, in conjunction with their online interactions, is what most exhibitors, sponsors, and even speakers, want.  Combining offline tracking with online data was difficult because of the dependence on disjointed technologies. This combination of features, and the ability to charge for them, brings a unique opportunity to event producers and organizers that we haven’t seen in the industry at this price point or ease of implementation.”

The BusyEvent Mobile platform includes over 40 powerful features that may be leveraged by organizers in their customized event apps.  Virtual exhibitor booths, personal agenda compilation, communication and social networking, tracking, tagging and searching of sessions and participants, document sharing, capacity management, privacy controls and more is included in every build.


For more information, read the BusyEvent Blog, or follow BusyEvent on Twitter @busyevent.

About BusyEvent

BusyEvent is a St. Louis, Missouri-based company comprised of a team of event professionals with decades of experience as event producers, managers and operators.  The team uses real-world practice creating SaaS applications to provide technology solutions that leverage opportunities, solve the challenges that event professionals face, and support events of all sizes. The mobile platform’s intelligent mobile solutions benefit attendees and drive revenue for stakeholders to provide a new ‘Big Data’ opportunity in a largely untracked industry that significantly increases ROI and business value for event participants.  For more information, visit www.busyevent.com.


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