Event Tech – Show and Sell Launched

The Show & Sell app has launched for the event industry. The new app has claimed to provide all the features of a an event app and also includes sales presentation features. It allows for scalability, fully customizable and brand design depending on your specifications

The app, designed by LifeScience Media is the first software as a service app. The developers stat that their focus was on simplicity when crating the functionality. Users can toggle from show to sales mode at the touch of a button.

In Show Mode the features include: shareable content, lead capture with optional photo options for business cards, shareable content sent with a customizable corporate-branded follow-up email, additional notes functionality.

In Sales Mode, users can give presentations, share content through their individual email for interaction with customers and digitally display their offering. The app includes a built-in survey and form builder and comprehensive reporting tools to measure usage and interest.

Terry Harstad of LifeScience Media said, “We want our clients to have the ability to have their app grow with them, not as a one-time-use investment. With Show & Sell, you can load all of your content once, take it to a trade show one day then use it for a sales presentation the next day. All of the metrics about app usage, leads, and survey results are all in the same place so you can compare this month to last month, or last year’s show to this year’s. It’s one simple, easy-to-use tool that offers a lot of flexibility.”

The app is free as a demo on the iTunes store to experience and demo. Full functionality will cost $20 per month (subject to change, terms and conditions apply).

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