Getting to grips with new #eventtech – table planning

Not a day goes by without us talking about #eventtech. It’s the fastest growing sector in the event community at present with new functionality, new apps, new hardware being announced on a daily basis.

We recently got the chance to have a play around with it at one of our dinners and we were pleasantly surprised with the results.

New York based zkipster is a pretty reliable and fun piece of software for some serious guest list management. The seating charts and updatable floorplans are a good way to manage a VIP event on the fly and we found them to be pretty accommodating and easy to use when we got to grips with them.

They’ve recently announced new features to allow you to: create a floorplan with drag and drop functionality, easily assign guest seats and share them with clients or colleagues.

We’re thinking in a few years that this type of technology will be a must for all event organisers as it simply takes the headache out of planning VIPs on the day of your show.

Why not let us know your thoughts – What tech are you using and do you rate it?

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