Herbalife Extravaganza at Singapore EXPO

Herbalife recently concluded its largest ever Extravaganza at the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre between 16 and 18 May this year. The event was attended by more than 22,000 delegates from over 10 countries, including Australia, New
Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand. The Herbalife Extravaganza Asia Pacific 2014 is one of the largest corporate meetings to ever be held in Singapore.

The mega event was held to showcase the company’s profile, range of products and business successes. This year, the Herbalife Extravaganza Asia Pacific 2014 occupied a total of 5 exhibition halls at the Singapore EXPO, which is equivalent to a total area size of 50,000 square metres.
As part of the programme, an exclusive party was also organised and the venue was decorated by a colourful mix of party goers decked out in their respective traditional costumes, a theme that accentuated the cultural diversity of the company. Adding more flavour to the event was an array of attractive food stalls offering the multi-national attendees a taste of the local Singaporean food fare.
A special segment, Herbalife Fit Hour, was introduced at this year’s convention, which was in line with the launch of Herbalife 24, a new sports nutrition product range customisable based on individual’s daily activity and training needs. An hour-long aerobics session was also held in conjunction with the launch and attracted close to 3,000 participants.

“The Herbalife Extravaganza Asia Pacific convention is an important training event for us each year as it re-affirms the company’s vision and goals. This year, we received the highest number of attendees and are very excited about the growth. Due to the sheer number of attendees we were expecting this year, Singapore EXPO was a natural choice of venue not only because of its ability to
accommodate the large group, but also the efficient service that the venue has consistently been providing,” said Shobie King, Vice President of Herbalife APAC Sales, Marketing & Distributor Services.
The Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre is slated to host another mega event in July this year, and is expecting more than 10,000 participants.

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