We’re looking for an Events Assistant Trainee to run weekly events in London and organize events abroad.

We pay £500 plus commission on the sales of tickets which could reach up to £1000 a month.

You will:

  • Coordinate all event planning, participation and take down – from start to finish.
  • Communicate with internal staff, clients, and vendors during all phases.
  • Develop event promotions and on-site collateral with the help of sales, marketing and creative


  • Assist team in staying on-budget, while ensuring we gain the greatest ROI from the event


  • Plan and act based on tight program timelines.
  • Hold pre-event planning and preparation meetings as well as post-event recaps.
  • Curate premium branded giveaways for events.
  • Manage stock of promotional products and collateral list.
  • Oversee yearly events calendar, as well as event scheduling for executives and key staff.
  • Build and maintain strong vendor relationships.
  • Provide onsite support at events when necessary, including travel within the EU.
  • Act as a brand representative at all events, assisting other staff as well as event visitors.
  • Develop an unflappable understanding of our products and services.
  • Attend and contribute to regularly scheduled sales, marketing, and another key department


  • Call attendees to reconfirmed.
  • Support other initiatives of the team as needed