Mastercard Top 10 Global Cities Released

Mastercard Top 10 Cities Released

The annual global ranking for overnight visitors to cities throughout the world was released this week by Mastercard.

Asia has once again had an impressive run with 4 locations out of the top 10. Bangkok unfortunately lost it’s top place to London, no doubt due to the recent political issues seeing a drop in business and tourst visitors alike. Matthew Driver the S.E Asia Preseident of MasterCard said: “It is unsurprising due to the political unrest and uncertainty that has plagued Thailand since the latter part of 2013…. However we are optimistic that Bangkok will come back in the foreseeable future as number one”

1. London

2. Bangkok

3. Paris

4. Singapore

5. Dubai

6. New York

7. Istanbul

8. Kuala Lumpur

9. Hong Kong

10. Seoul


Singapore has once again topped the region with the highest international visitor spend from the visitors with US$14.3 billion expected this year, up from US$13.2 billion last year.

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  1. AJ on Reply

    Not sure how Bangkok is higher than HK or Singapore seeing as the transport links from Singapore are far better. Guessing this is mainly the business event and tourist sector pushing up these stats

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