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An Interview with Sharon Lourdes from the Singapore event venue We Are Spaces.

Finding venues for events can be a long process, particularly when the area is unfamiliar. With the technologies developing constantly there are many options now for event planners to use online venue finding platform. We chat with Sharon Lourdes Paul from We Are Spaces, one of the leading platform in Singapore that enables event planners to choose the right venue for any occasion.

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What does your company do?

We Are Spaces is Singapore’s leading online platform for offsite meeting or corporate event spaces. We are providing the digital solution to help companies with a mobile workforce or brands that often have offline events. For spaces, we help them secure rental bookings for otherwise underused real estate.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are venues – both corporate meeting and event spaces. They consist of serviced offices, meeting rooms, function halls to even restaurants with private rooms or conducive event spaces.

How does the search engine work?

Planners write in their requirements, and the platform automatically short lists suitable spaces. A planner can then send out a Request-for-Proposal (RFP) to multiple spaces with a simple “check-out” process. Spaces will receive and directly respond to the high quality RFP leads.

Is there any competition? Who is your competitor?

We do have counterparts who are tackling this venue sourcing/booking issue around the world. Some of these include and An indirect competition would be traditional print MICE directories. Though for the latter, we would love to explore if there are ways to complement their initiatives. If you belong to a industry media, we would love to hear from you!

You recently released a new platform, how does it differ from the previous one?

Thanks for noticing! The new platform enables venues to play a pro-active role to secure potential venue sales. We have also improved the analytics mechanism. This enables us to stay on top of engagement happening within the platform. This enables us to track the value we are giving our venues.

What are your expectation for MICE? Is this your first time exhibiting at this type of event?

Yes, it is our first time and we are excited to meet others in the industry! Coming from the technology start-up and small to mid-sized events industries, this would be our team’s first encounter with players in the MICE scene. We hope to meet collaborative personnels that we can possible partner with to further the vision of Asia being the top meeting destination.

What are the next steps for “We Are Spaces”?

Our team am working towards being a key enabler for Asia to be the destination for business. With companies embracing the trend of having a mobile workforce (i.e. having offsite work or meeting locations), there calls for the need to have work or meeting spaces on-demand. On the flip side, we want to help space owners in Asia to maximise their real estate. To achieve this, we are seeking for partners to bring the platform into other Asian cities.

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